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How to join colors – summary

Hello Friend.
Today some summary for maching colors. You can use this knowledge everywhere, where you deal with the colors: clothes, home decor, the color of accessories, colors for the website. Well, there are a lot of possibilities and we will meet some simple rules based on color wheel.

  1. monochromatic

In this method you use colors differing only in tone, for example only one  color (light, normal and dark blue), as on my picture:

2. complementry

You may join colors that lie opposite each other, see the picture ith color wheels.

3. split-complementary

Join colors that lie opposite each other, but are separated by one color

4. analogous

In this method we use tree adjacent colors.

5. equilateral triangle

Colors that form an equilateral triangle, that is, separated by three adjacent colors, match well.

6.  rectangualy

We create a rectangle, in which the shorter side is made of colors separated by one between them.

7. pentagonal

We can combine every second or third color on the wheel. I do not like the large number of colors in my image and I usually use three or four different colors. If I introduce the fifth one, it is usually only a lighter or darker version already used one. Therefore here is no sample of my picture.


8. side-complementary

Here we use colors that lie against each other inaccuratel, for example green-pink.

9. squarely

Colors forming a square, in this case every third one on acolor wheel. And here I also have no examples among my pictures.


Additional rules:

  • In the Internet you can find more detailed color wheel with more color sections, but the rule is the same.
  • My mother always said, that colors that we can meet next to each other in nature match.
  • Neutral colors, what we can join in all other and with themselves are following: black, white, grey.
  • Do not afraid to try new color combinations. 🙂


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