About me

Hello, My name is Ludmiła Malicka. I am a born optimist and I believe that what we focus on and think a lot, becomes a  reality. I also think that karma is coming back, so we need respect others and spread good energy.

I express myself in my creations. These are the abstract hand- embroidered pictures with stringart technique and mandalas showing my mood.
I also think that everyone deserves joy and happiness. We are here on the Earth for a moment only, so let’s do something cool, let’s enjoy life, do not sacrifice a job that we do not love.
I’ve been looking for my way for a long time. I always liked crafts, but somehow I did not realize it as a way of life.
I studied civil engeneering , but it soon turned out that I was not really finding myself in it. Then I spent many years in logistics. It was Ok, but not really what I wanted to do whole my life. I’m good at analyzing, so I’m still doing it remotely. Thanks to that I have a lot of time to develop my passions – artistic challenges.

I would like my pictures were present on all continents 🙂 A long way to go, but I believe that it will work 🙂

My mission is to get as many people as possible to discover what is playing in their soul. Creating something creative is a great way to relieve everyday stress, and have fun of creating.. I treat it myself as a form of meditation. when I lose the sense of time Not once dawns found me at the artistic challenge :), and chirping birds outside the window gave a sign that it was time to finally lie down. Wow, how I like this feeling when something nice is created 🙂

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Thank you for visiting and have a nice day 🙂