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Optimist / pesimist and action taking

Today I read an interesting article about optimists and pessimists. Well, scientists from the Institute of Technology in California (Catech) conducted research related to the way of thinking and taking action.
The subjects had 1 second to memorize the sequence, 15 seconds to plan their movements in advance, and then only 10 seconds to complete the task. In subsequent trials, the subjects received money for taking part in the research depending on the result. First, $ 5 for the success or loss of $ 1 for the mistake, then the reverse, and the last trial in both cases for $ 5. As a result of magnetic resonance imaging, it turned out that those who had a positive attitude and believed that they would go well, their brain worked harder to success. On the other hand, in pessimists, their brain worked harder on conservatively, avoiding defeat. In both cases, the amount of compensation and / or loss played had a smaller role than could be expected.
Well, it came to my mind that although I consider myself optimistic and usually look for positives, these are situations in which I behave conservatively. That was a big surprise for me. And how is it with you, write in the commentary 🙂