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How to distinguish intuition from thoughts

Today I will tell you how to distinguish intuition from ordinary or persistent thoughts.

It is said that intuition is our best adviser and it is good to listen to it. But how can we be sure that what we hear is the voice of intuition and not our persistent thoughts. How to recognize, whether it is intuition or maybe thoughts resulting from our beliefs? I also had such doubts, so I decided to explore the subject and share with you what I was able to define. I found 14 differences that will allow you to recognize the voice of intuition in an unambiguous way. And if you listen to it and have the courage to follow it, it’s a completely different matter and depends on your decision.

Well, to the point. We start the comparison.

Intuition comes from your highest self and thoughts from the lowest one.

The voice of intuition is always calm, and the thoughts are feverish and fear-provoking. Intuition, even if tells you something unpleasant, does not raise anxiety or fear, as opposed to thoughts that in extreme cases may even trigger a panic attack. Intuition is devoid of emotion. Then you can give it an emotional charge, thinking about what it told you, but it’s not emotional in itself.

Intuition helps in the present and gives you the tips you need. Thoughts are rather accidental and unrelated to what is happening at the moment.

The voice of intuition is always quiet, thoughts scream and billow in the head.

Intuition usually suggests once, sometimes twice, and then disappears. Thoughts billow and grow.

The intuition sounds loving and supportive, and the thoughts are depressing and discouraging.

When intuition speaks, you just know that it is good, you have no doubt. You may not have the courage to listen to it, but you know it is good. Persistent thoughts, on the other hand, create a spiral of fears and doubts, and you can not stop them.

Intuition opens the mind and new possibilities, and persistent thoughts close the heart and mind, making you feel helpless and blocked.

Intuition solves problems and thoughts create them.

Intuition directs you to enter a higher level, builds up. Persistent destructive thoughts. Especially if you have been accustomed to looking for problems and defects in everything, your thoughts will give you thousands of obstacles, fears and problems.

Intuition prompts you to help others, and persistent thoughts create a barrier of ‘me’ and ‘rest of the world’.

Intuition helps you show your way and understand what you feel and think about what you want, while thoughts take on beliefs and influences from others. For example, if you are staying with someone who speaks with an accent, soon you will start talking with such an accent, too.

Intuition suddenly appears out of nowhere as something like “Aha!” And thoughts are triggered by external stimuli and create a sequence, one thought evokes another.

It’s best to listen to your intuition in silence, and thoughts can roar even in noise.

These are all differences between intuition and persistent thoughts. I think that now you will not have any problems recognizing the voice of your best adviser – intuition. The easiest way to remember is that intuition is a one-time whisper that wants the best for you, develops you, shows you new solutions and does not cause anxiety or fear.

That’s all for today, write in a comment, do you listen to your intuition, or you can distinguish it from persistent thoughts. If you find this video valuable, share with someone important to you, subscribe and press the bell to know when I will add another video. Take care, hi.

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How to visualize effectively and safe

For those who prefer to read:

Visualizations are a powerful tool, they can really change a lot. Why do we have the impression that visualizations do not work, or even carry the opposite effect than we would expect. This is not due to the fact that visualizations do not work. They work, but we do not realize our subconscious, and specifically what’s inside us. What are our beliefs and thoughts? Our mind produces 70,000 thoughts a day. Most of them are unconscious and if we do not work with them – negative. That’s because our mind is structured to learn from experience and follow the least line of resistance, so if we want to change something, it requires our commitment and effort. For years, beliefs have been created in our minds that are installed by parents, teachers and the environment. I do not think that they intentionally upload negative and limiting beliefs. In most cases, they do it out of concern or unconsciousness. Well, yes, but how does it relate to visualizations. Well, if, for example, we dream to have more money and visualize a mountain of money, it may turn out that we will have even less money. How is it, Why? First of all, if the visualization is based on a lack, then there are strong negative emotions connected with it. The more we focus on the lack of, for example, that we no longer want to be poor, we do not want to have debts, we do not want to limit ourselves, the more we get what we do not want. Therefore, when you make a visualization you have to change “I do not want” to “have”, “I am” or “I want to”.

I do not want to be poor. (we turn it into) I’m rich.

I have no money. (we exchange it for) I have money.

I do not want to have debts (turn into) I have enough for everything.

The second thing is the beliefs and connections between them. If, for example, someone has no money and dreams of money, but thinks for example that the first 1,000,000 must be stolen, or that wealth negatively influence on your behavior, then nothing will come out. Therefore, first you have to clean the mind, for example through meditation, take care of a positive attitude and work on negative beliefs about the subject you want to visualize. So prepared, sit down to visualization.

Sit or lie down comfortably. Make sure that you do not get distracted by the phone, TV set, household, etc. Take a few deep breaths. Imagine that you inhale good and exhale evil. Then move your imagination to the place where you want to be. You can imagine that you are moving to a parallel world where you have everything you want. See what you have around, what car is in the garage, how your room looks, who is with you what your everyday day looks like, what you do, what emotions do arise in you. Try to take care of all your senses in your imagination (what you see), hearing (what you hear), smell (which smells reach your nose, taste (what you eat ) and touch (what are the textures and structures of particular objects, materials). Come in. The more details you imagine, the better, remember to think only about positive things, enjoy this moment in the parallel world and remember it well.

Return to your present place and open your eyes slowly you will be ready. Several times a day, although for a few seconds, remind these feelings from your parallel world, and repeat the visualization daily before going to bed. In the imagination behave as if you already had everything you want, and in fact, approach it without expectations, it would be good … Be open, for what appears in your life, for occasions, people, new things and give yourself a chance. as in this piece about winning the lottery, when the faithful prays to God and asks him to win, and God answers: Send a coupon. 🙂

Write in the commentary how do you like the movie, how do you feel with visualisations, what is changing in your life.